1. Get ready for more Wendy

    by Jenny on February 25, 2011

    In exciting Wendy Williams news…. Wendy is going to be on Dancing with the Stars. I have to admit I’m not really down with that show but I am curious about how this will play out. She’s doesn’t strike me as the most coordinated person out there.  I mean, I might even go as far as saying she’s always a little awkward in the physical participation segments on the show so this should be interesting. You know her thug man will be at all the tapings like he was when I saw her live show. He’ll be sitting on the sidelines, Tims on, watchin her do her thing. It’s kinda hot actually. I’m holdin out for their reality show. Now THAT, I would be down for.

  2. A Muuuurder you say?

    by Jenny on February 24, 2011

    Ok so I’m not ashamed to just go ahead and say it, I’ve be watching Murder She Wrote on Nextflix stream. That’s right, Angela Lansbury, a good mystery to solve and some amazing guest stars. Let me just say as someone who works from home during the day I often like to throw on some episodic tv as I’m drawing, sewing and what not. I’m pretty much all caught up on any current show that I like and can get my hands on. (true blood, mad men, californication, 30 rock, the office, breaking bad, big love)  So after I’m caught up with the good stuff this leaves me to tap into the vault a bit. That said I really did love this show as a kid. It was my Sunday night ritual for years. Definitely  more of a classic who done it than anything actually scary but probably aiding in my eventual love of horror a couple years down the road.

    And so we begin, with the amazing guest star roster. What a better place to start then Jeff Conway, as a drag Queen.

    I mean this was the episode where I was like whaaa? I can’t believe how awesome this is. Jeff Conaway is engaged to be married to Jessica’s niece. She gets suspicious that he’s cheating so they both start snooping around and find out he’s been secretly working at a drag nightclub. His explanation is that he wants to break into show biz and get out of the insurance biz but didn’t know how to tell her. Hmm, right. ok. So naturally a murder happens at the club when nosy Angela Lansbury is there to start asking questions. but who cares about that right? cause Jeff Conaway is in Drag!

    Another awesome episode  I watched was guest starting one of my favorite comedic characters Lucille Bluth (Jessica Walter) from Arrested Development. God I love her. She is the “take no shit” day time soap director that ends up getting murdered in her study. She does not disappoint with her bitchy one liners and many eye rolls.  A true delight.

    Shot through the heart!

    Look it’s Joanie and Blanche!

    Ok so let’s talk about Jessica Fletcher. She is one nosy ass retired school teacher gone mystery writer. She’s definitely  got her charming  wit about her and above all else is ALWAYS a lady. She drinks sherry and travels to exotic places where everyone treats her like the celebrity royalty that she is. The detective on the case  usually writes her off as a pushy old broad thought, until she like “I”VE GOT IT” in the middle of the night  and solves that shit. Who’s pushy now boys?

    Here’s is my “why MSW is hot list”

    1. J dawg is always on her bike or engaging in some kind of physical exercise. Stayin active, i like it!

    2.The amazing hair and accessories……

    yes that’s a spy cam cigarette lighter. (bottom right) LOVE!

    3. Ladies be gettin crazy!

    flashing peeps at cocktail parties, in a fur no less! ya know, a regs Saturday night…

    Women in Prison takeover!

    4. Everyone is so civilized. MSW is nothing like our current creepy, rape-y, I dumped your body in a dumpster, SVU crap. That shit is down right terrifying .  Somehow those shows seem way worse than any horror I’ve ever watched. There’s no sense of irony or style or creative story telling.  It’s just gross. MSW is the opposite of that.  No matter what, things always stay classy. The murderer always confesses AND in such a civilized manner. They’re all like “You got me good JB Fletcher!” and she’s like I know my friend, it’s cool.

    So if you have some time on your hands instant stream yourself some Murder She Wrote. There’s 12 seasons. I’m just sayin. You won’t be sorry.

  3. Spring is so close, I can smell it!

    by Jenny on February 16, 2011

  4. Best Coast

    by Jenny on February 9, 2011

    I’m loving these guys right now. This drone-y love anthem has been in my head all day. I’m really feelin their lo-fi, surf rock vibe. Check them out.  BEST COAST

  5. “Can you hear my now?”- a joint effort

    by Jenny on February 5, 2011

    So me and one of my besties, who is currently residing in Japan, have been sweating this blogger Agent Lover . She’s got great style and really gets my bloggy heart rate up. So recently AL posted about her Top Ten Favorite Lifetime Original Movies. Anyone who spends that much time documenting and analyzing the early 90′s works of Tori Spelling and Tiffany Amber Thiessen is someone I want to hear more from. Currently, she’s holding a contest to create your own LOM complete with shocking title, cast stars and plot line. The winner receives a copy of “Death of a Cheerleader” staring of course, Tori Spelling. I couldn’t resist. So me and my lady went to work creating our LOM masterpiece (not really we did it in like 2 emails but still) Here is what we came up with. I have included a visual story board to really flesh it out for you.  (eww that sounds grosser than I meant for it to)

    “Can You Hear Me Now?” with a cell-phone product tie-in. Luke Perry is the beleaguered working single father of a sweet and nerdy tomboy played by Noah Cyrus. She gets a wrong-number call from a man (played by Fast and the Furious” star Paul Walker) who says he’s a teenager, but actually he’s a middle aged drifter. She starts meeting him for rendezvouses, and Luke doesn’t know the truth and when he finds out and bugs, Walker convinces Cyrus they should kill her dad together. Luke is a single father and never seems to have time for Cyrus or to listen to her teenage woes so in an act of defiance she agrees. And I mean she’s IN LOVE.  So she puts her nerd skills to use and they plan to kill her father by planting a cartridge of deadly gas in his cel to go off when she calls. When the plan is being executed she throws in the title line “can you hear me now?” as her father is being poisoned and falls to his death. She shows one twinge of regret as she hears the phone go dead and looks over at Walker looking shady, but of course sexy.

    Fingers crossed we got this B in the bag.